Hair Stylist Jobs in Baltimore

Salon Tésio is currently hiring for the position of hairstylist! At Salon Tésio we are passionate about what we do, and it shows through our work and atmosphere! Our environment is one that is balanced in our love for healthy hair, style, great conversation, professionalism and service to others. Which is why we are looking to add to our talented team that truly have a passion for hair! The ideal candidate will embody excellence in both professionalism and personal touch! 

Hair Stylist Jobs in Baltimore: Our Qualifications

License cosmetologist/hairstylist

Baltimore, MD 21210

Full-time, part-time, individual contractors


If you are a hair stylist, you are an artist. At Salon Tesio, we know our stylists are deeply creative people with unlimited potential. With so many employment options in the industry, it’s vital that you invest your artistic talent where it’s respected and rewarded. If you’re looking for unlimited earning potential and growth opportunities, Salon Tesio can be the perfect fit for you.


A vital part of any stylist’s career is continuing education. We offer ongoing educational opportunities to keep you up to speed on the latest trends, styles, and marketing techniques, so you’ll stay on the industry’s cutting edge. 


You’ll enjoy a safe work environment with positive, talented teammates. Located in the Tuscany-Canterbury area of Baltimore, Maryland (21210), our spacious salon maintains a serene, spa-like atmosphere where your creative talents can thrive!


We value our stylists’ work-life balance and offer flexible schedules, including evenings and weekends. At Salon Tesio, you’ll get to sharpen and showcase your entire skill set, from clips to cuts to textures to waxing to coloring!




Have pre-existing clients

Hold a current/valid Maryland cosmetology and/or barbering license

Have at least 2 years of industry experience

Ability to pass a criminal background check

Strong skill set in performing precision haircuts, barbering/clipper cuts, and color application/theory



Welcome customers, communicate clearly with them and listen actively to their concerns and goals

Provide professional hairdressing services 

Use salon tools, fingers, combs, barber scissors, hair-waving solutions and other accessories with precision and skill

Advise customers regarding home hair care

Perform conditioning, bleaching, permanent waving, tinting and straightening treatments; provide coloring, styling and cutting services and incorporate chemical solutions appropriately

Support other team members’ success as needed

Guide clients towards suitable hairstyles based on their unique facial features

Upsell salon products and services to meet and exceed sales targets

Provide client product education to promote product sales and client satisfaction

Promote salon as needed to increase client base

Promote re-booking and client loyalty

Identify customers’ styling needs and provide guidance in selecting salon services



Perform all-around styling duties including cutting, styling and coloring

Stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques

Understand the day-to-day operation flow of a hair salon

Be personable, enthusiastic and customer-focused to build and maintain strong client relationships

Engage in a broad spectrum of hair styling and coloring experiences to stay versatile and flexible

Display dependability and reliability; adapt to changing business needs

Be a positive team player with solid work ethics

Maintain a polished, pleasant and polite demeanor

Provide services to scheduled clients in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary wait times




Practice and uphold universal state board standards for sanitation and sterilization

Sanitize between each client to meet COVID-19 standards

Thoroughly clean equipment such as curling irons, straighteners, hair dryers, etc.

Thoroughly wash shampoo bowls, spa bowls, etc. as needed

Regularly wash linens including hair towels, capes, etc. to sterilize effectively

Maintain the salon’s aesthetic appeal (inside and out) by wiping down mirrors, seats, manicure tables, etc. and identifying messes quickly

Organize and store styling equipment appropriately and neatly

Immediately inform management of any potential risk to clients’ health or safety




Operate and run Rosy software; schedule, cancel, reschedule and book clients

 Accept cash transactions, operate the register, and process check and credit card payments

Accurately compute payment for services received and ensure payment is collected while clients are on-site

Effectively communicate using technology including cell phones, social media, email and texting







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